About News UK

News UK is at the heart of the national conversation. Reaching almost 40 million people each month across the UK and beyond, our brands provide news, analysis, opinion - and some fun - to loyal and engaged audiences.

Our people are at the centre of everything we do and our Peterborough office is a centre of excellence in the News Corp family. With approximately 180 members of staff, we are home to back office support and all internal functions such as accounting, payroll, HR and IT support.

From beach clean-ups, to planting trees, we give our people the opportunity to take up to four days paid leave each year to take part in volunteering, and some teams choose to take these days together. And whats more News Corp will also match fund any charity fundraising or volunteering our staff choose to do.

Our aim and objective is to improve our corporate social responsibility by determining opportunities to work with and build solid rapport with local businesses, charities and schools alike to provide volunteer opportunities to staff and encourage the use of our 4 volunteer days whilst serving our community.

We look forward to hearing from you, learning about your organisation and how we might be able to make a positive impact in the future!