Witness Service Court Volunteer

Witness Service Court Volunteer

Organisation role · 8 hrs/Week
Crown Court, East Road, Cambridge, England CB1 1DB, United Kingdom
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Citizens Advice Witness Service
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Volunteers provide practical information and emotional support to witnesses attending either Crown or Magistrates Court.

Detailed description

The Witness Service provides practical and emotional support and information to witnesses so that they feel valued, respected and informed and able to give their best evidence in court.

The role is court based and will involve providing support to witnesses, and their supporters, by explaining the court procedures and legal terminology, showing them around the courtroom before trial and sitting in the courtroom with them, when permitted.

What will you do?

- Give witnesses and their supporters emotional support, guidance and information at court (e.g. explain court procedures and legal terms, support them with completing expense forms).

- Show witnesses and others around the courtroom before a trial so they are familiar and at ease in the environment.

- Go into the courtroom with a witness on trial day if permitted.

- Identify additional support to which we can signpost or refer witnesses.

- Work as part of a team with other Witness Service volunteers and staff as well as liaising with court personnel.

What skills do you need?

You don’t need specific qualifications but you’ll need to:

- Be caring, mature, supportive and empathetic towards others.

- Be friendly and approachable with good listening and verbal communication skills.

- Be non-judgemental, impartial and have a confidential approach to supporting others.

- Have respect for the diversity of all people, which includes commitment to the service’s objective of ensuring equal access is offered to all witnesses and and their supporters.

- Be committed, trustworthy, discreet and prepared to adhere to Citizens Advice Witness Service standards to ensure we deliver a high standard of service to our witnesses and victims.

- Have the ability to handle challenging situations and use your initiative, experience and training to solve problems and make appropriate decisions.

Our volunteers come from a range of backgrounds and we particularly welcome application from people with physical or mental health conditions, and people from Black, Asian Minority Ethnic (Global Majority) and LGBTQIA+ communities. We are committed to offering a welcoming and inclusive environment to witnesses, staff and volunteers.

What we will provide to volunteers

💸 Reimbursement of costs🤝 Extra support

Getting there

2 spots left.
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About Citizens Advice Witness Service

Giving evidence as a witness can be daunting and the court process can be complicated and difficult to understand.

The Citizens Advice Witness Service provides free and independent support for both prosecution and defence witnesses in every criminal court in England and Wales.