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Soham Community Association
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The role:
Monitoring bank account transactions; acting as primary signatory; issuing invoices and receipts; reporting on accounts at committee meetings

Detailed description

Our current Soham Community Association (SCA) Treasurer has been in the role for 2 years, but now has the opportunity to carry out other activities 

supporting the community.

We are therefore looking for a replacement SCA Treasurer to take over the role in the Autumn.

The role consists of:

1. Monitoring bank account transactions.

2. Acting as primary signatory for all outgoing bank payments.

3. Monitoring all payments, including print run payments, advertising fees, and 

  donations, to ensure a healthy balance to pay for Jigsaw printing costs.

4. Issuing invoices and receipts to all advertisers.

5. Attending SCA public and committee meetings, and reporting on accounts at committee


6. Bidding for grants.

We are looking for a Treasurer with a background that includes some finance/accountancy work. This is a great opportunity to contribute to your local community, work with a local team of like-minded volunteers and utilise your extremely valuable skills, in an organisation where your knowledge and expertise will have a real and tangible impact.

Getting there

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About Soham Community Association

SCA aspires to bring people, groups and businesses of the Parish of Soham together to promote a greater sense of community and pride.. The printing of our bi-monthly ‘Jigsaw’ magazine helps to improve communication and collaboration in our town. We provided this service to residents in the uncertain times of the pandemic - there were many who felt isolated and did not know what was going on in the town. This was especially true for those unable to access the internet. Currently 1250 paper copies are printed for each edition however, we also publish an online ‘flip’ version for those who have got internet access. We have volunteers who deliver the paper magazine, focusing on those who need it most e.g. areas of our town where older people live, and our social housing. We also make it
available to pick up e.g. in shops, Soham Town Council office and the library, so it is accessible to all.
Soham Community Association co-hosts a quarterly Community Lunch which gives local groups and organisations the chance to meet up, share news, information and network. We also help run Soham Repair Cafe which is currently twice a year.