Join our trustee team!

Join our trustee team!

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Cambridge Carbon Footprint
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Are you concerned about climate change? Volunteer with Cambridge Carbon Footprint as a trustee to support local, community-led climate action!

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Are you concerned about climate change? Volunteering with Cambridge Carbon Footprint (CCF) as a trustee, you’ll get to work with a supportive and friendly team who share a common purpose, driving forward meaningful, community-led climate action.

We’re currently looking for people of all ages and backgrounds to join our Board of Trustees. You don’t need any previous experience of charities or as a trustee. All you need is experience of working in teams and coming to joint decisions.

We encourage all members of our team to bring their own expertise, skills and experiences to our work. Currently, we would welcome new trustees who can support our fundraising and communications to better enable us to share the impact of our work and expand our activities to where they are needed most.

What we will provide to volunteers

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About Cambridge Carbon Footprint

For over 15 years, Cambridge Carbon Footprint (CCF) has worked to raise awareness of climate change issues, provide practical guidance and support people to reduce their carbon emissions.